About Us

Our Vision

To serve the globe with best-in-class products with at most care provided to environment

Product portfolio

Consumer electronics, Bio-medical, Agricultural,

Bio-inspired products

Our Mission

To achieve the cost effective, technology driven, quality based product with Eco-environmental process

Our Patents

  • Automatic flower tying machine
  • Semi-automatic vehicle cleaning device
  • Eco Environmental Air Less Tire
  • Ball Drying Apparatus
  • A Detachable Ayurvedic Toothbrush with Built In Toothpaste on Bristles

Semi-automatic vehicle cleaning device

bottom view

High class, high quality cleaning process

isometric representation

Superior grip for better handeling

Sectional insight

Modern technology for better performance

Ayurvedic Toothbrush

An detachable ayurvedic toothbrush with built-in toothpaste on the bristles provides optimal hygiene

Medicated Bristle

Visualization of Neem Coated Bristle Layer by Layer

Automated flower

                  tying machine

A flower tying machine that requires almost little human interaction.

Ball Drying Apparatus

A method and dryer pack that are utilised therein for drying wet athletic balls, such as baseballs, between plays during an athletic or sporting event.

Eco Environmental Air Less Tire

Non-pneumatic tyre with an air-free concept that improves load-bearing capabilities, environmental design, and driving performance.

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